We are a company with advanced management tools and the debt collection process control, which can govern a large number of practical value to the entrusted portfolios, through different recovery strategies, modulated than the type of credit, in accordance with the specific needs of each client.

Through the SPC activities banks and companies, in addition to increasing the flow management practices, especially on the less valuable practices, can bridge the information gap on the real economic and financial conditions of debtors, evaluating the exact positions to manage legally, those for which suspend the processing and those to be divested because with limited possibility of return.


We are divided in different departments, each specialized and coordinated by a senior operator, to provide its clients a
qualified and complete service, which respect the various needs.

Our company has extensive knowledge of the needs of all Banks. The results must be fast, with a particular safeguard the image and reputation of the client and used to working on targets and benchmarks. The banking department is one of our most skilled teams in the debt collection management, often getting excellent results with our customers.

The types of managed practices within the department are:


Our company through targeted collection and analytical information if there are elements and critical issues that could compromise the success:


“Master Legal” is a unit of qualified lawyers that supervised the legal action, with external legal network.

The judicial phase is initiated by our company only after verifying that the out of court management was unsuccessful and after a thorough investigation on the earnings power and asset of the debtor consistency.

A fundamental aspect is the continuation of dialogue between our professionals and the debtors, even once hinged legal actions, the purpose is to always stimulate the amicable settlement of the dispute.

Financial leasing is the ideal form of finance for professionals, businesses and public authorities wishing to dispose of assets necessary for its production activities without affecting their budget. Our company deals in different types of contracts: instrumental, Real Estate, water, energy, ectc. The timely and scrupulous intervention of a qualified debt collection company, helps ensure the client improve the handling of his claim.

The types of managed practices within the department are:


More Services

SPC meets the precise needs of customers, including through a dedicated team that deals with certain types of services, which are fundamental for the entire debt collection process, such as:

Legal advice

Family status certificate, info-commercial and other certifications

Analysis protests and prejudicial events

Chamber of commerce company registration, cadastral certificates


We have developed a management software can optimize all process, depending on the specific requirements of each customer, offering to its clients the maximum performance and reliability. The technology platform consent from our operators, to report any contact phase and activities concerning each case and therefore offers its clients, through the use of the web, the ability to monitor remotely and in real time the work done.
The software that currently we use are:

REMIDA of SolUnica

To improve organizational efficiency is necessary to have software platforms that facilitate your internal business processes. It is an advanced tool, which deals in particular to streamline business processes, improve your business, save operating time, safely manage your data, innovate your business, cut costs, control and verify your results, reduce investment risks.

ReCredit of Beta Soft

It was founded in 2005 by the intuition of SPC to offer their clients, the software that could include all the features, useful for the improvement of the full management process. Through the collaboration of Engineer Bossi, we have developed a platform loans as well as customizable, able to assure clients, a continuously updated both in court and at the litigation stage, thus having a complete of each historical practice.


Il recupero Giudiziale basa gran parte del suo successo sulla capacità di avere una situazione chiara e omogenea circa l’entità, l’avanzamento e il costo delle pratiche in gestione, quanto sulla capacità di monitorare i tempi delle attività legali interne ed esterne, con modalità di comunicazione efficaci e tempestive.
Masterlegal consente il raggiungimento di questi obiettivi, produzione di lettere e atti giudiziari, supporta il Processo Civile Telematico e coadiuva le valutazioni di bilancio.”